Our Mission


How does Christianity, lived in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, affect the way men and women experience life in the world? What would an integrated, Catholic approach to life look like today? In what ways should it draw and depart from historical expressions of Christianity? How should it engage ideas and ways of living traditionally unassociated with the Church? Considering such questions, PILGRIM is committed to helping Catholics grapple intelligently and humanely with challenges posed to them both by the Church and by contemporary society. We explore what it means to sustain a Catholic identity and live Christianity holistically in today's world. We also provide a forum for Catholics, and those sympathetic to Catholic ideas and approaches to life, to develop their capacities for criticial thought, creativity, and concern for one another and for all God's creation.



Our Publisher

Established in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, in the spring of 2009, Pilgrim Publishers, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization devoted to the renewal of human society and culture through print, visual, and digital media. Its publications are intended to increase awareness and appreciation of Catholic perspectives on human existence in the world, and to cultivate mature thinking and expression among Catholics and those interested in Catholic ideas and approaches to life.



Our Editorial Staff



Bronwen McShea



Joseph Fitzpatrick
Christian Huebner

Christopher Killheffer

Colleen McShea
Fr. Christopher Roberts
Andy Smith
Kristin H. Williams



Our Advisory Board


Kate Brubacher

Vivian Choi
William Grace
Brian Jenn
Grayson Murphy
Alton Pelowski
Patricia Snow