From the Editor's Desk

A Time to Fundraise

By Bronwen McShea - New York, New York, USA - 23 November 2014



For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to rend, and a time to sew . . .


And following several years of refraining from posting a fundraising appeal to you, readers and friends of PILGRIM, there has come a time for me to cast away my scruples and shame and to pass the hat around to help secure a strong future for the journal.


This winter, PILGRIM is entering its fifth year on the web. It is with a kind of maternal pride that I say I am rather pleased with its progress so far, and very hopeful for what it might become in the years ahead.


My fundraising appeal for PILGRIM is simple. In addition to needing extra help -- in the form of a few dollars here and there -- to cover overhead expenses such as website maintenance and hosting, I have a hope for this coming year of improving particular aspects of the journal's web presence and also significantly developing our prose and artistic content.


I also hope that, over the next year, Pilgrim Publishers, Inc. will be able to do something I initially envisioned at its establishment: produce a print edition of the journal.


This second development goal requires some capital -- something it hardly needs saying is not growing on trees for small, faith-based non-profit organizations and publishing start-ups.


If you like what you see here at PILGRIM and would like to see more like it in the future --including in the more beautiful, tangible, lasting form of a print publication -- please consider offering a gift to Pilgrim Publishers, Inc., this holiday season. Just a few dollars will go a long way. And larger gifts will enable the editors and I, and the board of Pilgrim Publishers, Inc., to think and act bigger -- to realize the hope of a print edition and perhaps even to venture into publishing projects in addition to the journal.


Pilgrim Publishers, Inc., is a registered non-profit and therefore donations to it are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation, I direct you to our development page. It contains more information about the non-profit status, as well as a PayPal link for the purposes of donating securely online, and information for where to send checks in the regular mail, if you prefer to donate that way.


Actually -- while I am in this rare and fleeting state of feeling no shame in asking for money -- why don't I put our nice, yellow and blue PayPal link right here, for your greater ease of access:



Whether or not you can donate financially to PILGRIM right now, please offer up a prayer for the future of our enterprise. And also feel free, as always, to send along to the editors (editors.pilgrim @ gmail.com) any suggestion for improvement you may have for our website, or even unsolicited content for us to consider publishing.


Thank you very much for your consideration and generosity.


And blessings to one and all this holy Advent and Christmas season!