From the Editor's Desk

A Reading Suggestion

A note from the editor's desk in Cornwall, New York, USA. Posted 27 August 2015.



A Time to Fundraise

A holiday appeal to PILGRIM's readers from the editor's desk in New York City. Posted 21 November 2014.



A New Look for PILGRIM

A message to PILGRIM's visitors from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Posted 1 June 2013.



Stumble Stones in Trier

An essay from Mainz, Germany, on seven men who resisted the tide of Nazism while ministering to the Church in Germany. Posted 19 August 2012.



Eve's Patience

An essay from Mainz, Germany, on Eve's sin and redemption, prompted by encounters with a medieval sculpture and a modern German intellectual named Gertrud von le Fort. Posted 27 May 2012.



A Call to Writers, Artists...and Bloggers

An essay from Mainz, Germany, on some changes for PILGRIM in 2012, and the opportunities they present to you if you have something to share with our growing readership. Posted 29 November 2011.



Leaving Home

A brief essay from the editor's new desk in the city of Mainz, Germany. Posted Ordinary Time/All Saints 2011.



The Web Not Taken

An essay from New Haven, Connecticut, USA on PILGRIM's unconventional way of proceeding on the web. Posted Pentecost/Assumption 2011.



Art, Death, and Resurrection

An essay from New Haven, Connecticut, USA, prompted by Maurice Denis's painting, "Matin de Pâques." Posted Lent/Easter 2011.



Per Humanitatem

Bronwen McShea, PILGRIM's founding editor, introduces the web journal and its patron saint in an essay composed at her desk in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Posted Advent/Christmas 2010.