St George and the Dragon
PAOLO UCCELLO (1397-1475)

c. 1460

Housed at the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris.

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This season's words from our saints are from a reflection on prayer and the labors of our everyday Christian apostolate. Hurtado, from Viño del Mar, Chile, was a priest of the Society of Jesus, a lawyer, and also founder of Hogar de Cristo. Canonized on October 23, 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI, Hurtado is a patron of the poor, street children, and the nation of Chile. His feast day is August 18.



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A Lit and Lighting Dark

A short story by Abraham Schneider of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.



The History in Which We

Live and Move

An essay by Mike Bonifas of Quitaque, Texas, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.



Praying in a Parking Lot

An essay by Francis DiClemente of Syracuse, New York, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.



Filipino Catholics in a

Passenger Jeep

A poem by Karlo Sevilla of Quezon City, Philippines. Posted 2 September 2016.



At a Deathbed

A poem by Randel McCraw Helms of Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.



A Necrology of Religious Life

A poem by Michael Power of Welland, Ontario, Canada. Posted 2 September 2016.



Afternoon in Butte


A painting by Leon Kortenkamp of Belmont, California, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Quaking Aspen

Part IV of a four-part poetic work, From Here On: Four Sunday Drives by Don Thompson of Buttonwillow, California, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.




A poem by Danny P. Barbare of Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.




A poem by Edward Ahern of Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.



Passing Away

A poem by Pamela Hatfield Webster of Salisbury, Maryland, USA. Posted 2 September 2016.



Prayer to St. Drogo of Sebourg

A poem by James Scannell McCormick of Rochester, Minnesota. Posted 2 September 2016.



Ask and It Will Be

Given to You

An essay by Donald Tremblay of Brooklyn, New York, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



The Shepherdess

A short story by Mike Bonifas of Quitaque, Texas, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



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