Woman Sewing at a Window
GWEN JOHN (1876-1939)

c. 1910

Private Collection.

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Who Are You,

Sweet Light?



This season's words from our saints are a set of verses honoring the Holy Spirit by Edith Stein, who was known in religion as Theresa Benedicta of the Cross. From an observant Jewish family, Stein was a student of Edmund Husserl and, after receiving her doctorate in philosophy at the University of Göttingen, an assistant to Martin Heidegger. After conversion experiences that led her to Catholicism, she entered the Discalced Carmelites at Cologne. Stein was killed by the Nazis at Auschwitz and is honored as a Christian martyr by the Church.





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Whispering Wind

A poem by Christina Sorrentino of Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.




A poem by Joshua Kulseth of Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Heaven's Hoard

A poem by John Lawrence Darretta of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Near Taos

A poem by Randel McCraw Helms of Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Albertus Magnus

An essay by Theodore Sabo of Pullman, Washington, USA. Posted 12 February 2016.



Corn Camp Road

Part III of a four-part poetic work, From Here On: Four Sunday Drives by Don Thompson of Buttonwillow, California, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



The Shepherdess

A short story by Mike Bonifas of Quitaque, Texas, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Afternoon in Butte


A painting by Leon Kortenkamp of Belmont, California, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Ask and It Will Be

Given to You

An essay by Donald Tremblay of Brooklyn, New York, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Little Poem, Little Pilgrimage

Poems by Nettie Farris of Floyds Knobs, Indiana, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



Behold You Were Within Me

A poem by Laura Hogan of Calabasas, California, USA. Posted 15 May 2016.



After You First Receive:

Advice to a Son

An essay by James M. Chesbro of Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Posted 12 February 2016.


Santa Cruz

A short story by Arthur Powers of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Posted 12 February 2016.




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Per humanitatem filii Dei, per ministerium praedicatoris Dei.