Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

By Joshua Kulseth - Charleston, South Carolina, USA - 27 August 2015




In the balmy pre-dawn dripping

Wet and muggy, awkward bird pipings

Arouse in the world a sense of humor,

To break up this lofty morning wonder.


I have to scold the dog to prevent him licking

His genitals, distracting

From the solemnity of the scene.

Without this perfect seriousness, or the screen


Protecting me from no-see-ums, suckers

Of dank summertime, the various raptures

Of simple God-given day

Would be lost upon me.




The rain is coming steady now, when before

It bore itself in lazy downpour.

And still the morning jogs on in fantasy,

The child of nostalgia and anxiety --


The sublimity of the morning's intake

Of breath, before the humdrum of awake

And active and productive

Is gone, and still I love


This day with all its contradictions

And impediments; with its contributions

To the not taking of life so seriously,

And the slow reading of good poetry.


Will I hear at last the angel's blessed Gloria,

Or drink the lees of Heaven's euphoria?

I do not know. I know only that birds sing;

And so do I, my simply glorying.