Anthony Hecht Surrounded: Cento

By Kathleen Gunton - Orange, California, USA - 1 December 2013



Just as foretold, it was all there --

The Lord's mysterious way

The single verity of heaven's making

And Mother of our Joys.


A light so pure and just

Entreats us to rejoice

Her smile is meant to convey

The wine-cup and the wine.


Dearest to thy grace

Into a work of art, these are spent

Tumult of haloes in green, cathedral light.

You are looking down at them with a smile.



Line 1 - "Rome"

Line 2 - "The Man Who Married Magdalene"

Line 3 - "Sestina D'Inverno"

Line 4 - "Goliardic Song"

Line 5 - After the Rain"

Line 6 - "Apples for Paul Suttman"

Line 7 - "The Ghost in the Martini"

Line 8 - "The Origin of Centaurs"

Line 9 - "Rites and Ceremonies"

Line 10 - "The Odds"

Line 11 - "Swan Dive"

Line 12 - "A Birthday Poem"