Behold You Were Within Me

By Laura Hogan - Calabasas, California, USA - 15 May 2016



How you love the humble hiding place
The fuzzy green purpled promise of apricot,
The blade of grass quaking with
_____the still small voice of breeze unheard.


There -- in glorious sheen of upright palms
I glimpse you.  The swaying frond, her glancing sparkle,
and the steady love of sunshine -- a moment’s trio
_____in one humming, joyful dance.


You favor damp folds of faded foxgloves.
Bide with barren branches aching for rebirth.
Secret yourself among silent seeds with power
to fall and die yet live and rise.


Impossible -- yet in earthy human jars
You dwell, wrapped in rustic sinew
Treasure buried in dust -- or stardust?
_____Waiting for the fumbling heart to startle,
_______________to leap!
____________________To find.