Bowen Island

By Jeannine Marie Pitas - Buffalo, New York, USA - 2 August 2013


For Daniel Cowper





dancing on water

when you reach to touch,

it retreats


but it still

touches you






when you reach the top deck


ocean spreads out before you

and there stands the mountain

where the Ark finally halted




deep-forest licorice root

salmon berries, salal

Honeymoon Lake hidden

among pines, Douglas firs


the berries in your mouth

release a spirit

that spreads its roots

rustles against

the walls of your chest

and caresses you

from the inside




the dock sways

as you let your feet hang

over the cold waters of

the Pacific


the ocean you try to hide from

deep amid island firns,

red cedars, mushrooms beneath

fallen maple leaves --


the ocean that holds

the world inside it

will always come back

to find you