Capiz Paról

By Ann Applegarth - Roswell, New Mexico, USA - 21 November 2014


". . . and the night spreads a new light

that no darkness can obscure, and

perennial faith shines forth." --St. Ambrose


From the window it beckons: Come!

Come, you who dwell in shadows.

Come, you who slouch in despair.

Come, you whose body is aging.

Come, you who no longer care.

Come, you who scoff at mystery.

Come, you whose truth is your own.

Come, you whose eyes have grown steely.

Come, you whose seeds are all sown.

Come, you who taste only the bitter.

Come, you who mourn a loved friend.

Come, you who hear only sad songs.

Come, you who long for your end.

O dear ones whose hearts are tattered,

come bask in my warmth and light.

Come feast on the splendor of color

that pierces through darkest night.

Dance to the rythm of starsparks!

Rejoice with glad hope and with joy!

Prepare for the One who is coming:

Holy Mary's sweet baby boy.