By James Como - New York City, New York, USA - 25 November 2015



“God said ‘let there be light’,” and there it was,
before the Fall, and here it is, working
its wonders, of illumination, warmth, growth
and even speculation,
            as with Einstein when he saw that
            nothing goes faster.  And: that’s not all. 

Everything is relative to light.  All our day long,
and at its dawn, we, atoms, their particles,
waves from all the fields, electromagnetic
and otherwise.  Do you understand?  All
            play in the lea of light: the one true song
            forever sung in its own true key.  

Why, Time itself -- all-conquering Time, that “gaping
wound,” inexorable and hegemonic -- is cowed
by light.  Light makes time slow down. Turns it
to smoke.  Now, that was some utterance, don’t you
            think?  Notice, God did not make light,
            or mold it, as He separated night from day

-- or He did Adam, then Eve, and all creation
that came before them.  Light he told -- first. 
In that beginning, long, long ago, best
in the sublimity of that Big Bang, the seed
            was sown, and then, just yesterday it seems,
            a scientist found it out.  Now, I don’t mean --

oh, Einstein did not say (but did he really
need to?) that light proves the existence of God. 
I mean, now you know, can’t you figure
that out on your own?  Whoever wrote
            that first line knew all along -- and
            from the beginning, too -- that light must obey
                                                and that He would rest on the seventh day.