Lot's Wife

By Jared Barkan - New York City, New York, USA - 25 November 2015



But Lot's wife looked back, and was turned into a pillar of salt.

-- Gen. 19:26


I wonder what it was in particular
that Lot's wife missed
to the extent
that she looked back longingly
toward the burning city,
contrary to the direction
of the angel?
Was it the life
of relative ease,
the little, comfortable house,
her daughters betrothed,
the family's future
relatively secure?
Sure, it was a corrupt environment,
but isn't corruption, after all,
the perennial condition
of most of mankind?
One adjusts to it,
doesn't one?
And her family, God
knows, knew
better.  But better
to adapt, and learn
to live with one's neighbors
as best you can,
even if they offend
your moral sensibility.
Don't bother them,
and hopefully -- most probably --
they'll leave you alone
to pursue your life
in your own way.


And, in fact,
life in Sodom
wasn't all that bad,
once you got the hang of it.