By Gabriella Petrillo - Florham Park, New Jersey, USA - 1 March 2017



I have spent my life
Playing in the fire
Where the devil sleeps,
Burning scars with all of those
Who burned with me.

Swayed into the heat until
The flames were gone,
Leaving nothing, but hurt and hate,
An empty, cold void
Where we were lost, and we wait,

Until I drown in the tears
Of my own suffering
And I turn away,
Scorned and mocked by those who
Condemn me to my fate.

Standing bare and bleeding
Because there is a purpose
And it is all that is meant to be,
I walk wounded, and alone

Down this road to Calvary.

I carry my cross
To the valley of ashes
Until I fall at your feet,
Suffer, die, and bury
Until I am redeemed.

Pull me from the dead,
Forgive me,
And set me free,
Remind me of who I am,
And let it be.