Near Taos

By Randel McCraw Helms - Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA - 15 May 2016



The Santuario de Chimayo

Houses a small, and special, sacred place,

The Holy Dirt Room, beside the altar.

An alcove is lined with abandoned crutches

And prayers of thanks. Beyond it is the Room,

Where you will see a small hole in the floor,

Filled with ordinary sand. But only

To the eye. To the heart of faith, it is

A healing balm, drawing the troubled and

Hurt to its grace. I was there, and this is

What I saw.
__________Amid the crowds of curious

Tourists were two men in worn but clean clothes.

One of them spoke English, the other not.

"We are haulers of heavy loads," he said,

"Truck drivers, and jobs are scarce in these days.

We came to Chimayo to pray for work."


These men kneeled, and with their hands gave sand

In scoops to the faithful who came after

Mass with their emptied plastic bags. "See,"

He said, smiling at them, "Here we have work

Already, hauling holy dirt for you."