Seeking a Revelation

By Michael Power - Welland, Ontario, Canada - 24 May 2015



I live inside my books and between my ears,

safe and comfy places for this daydreamer,

who is carrying baggage, belly and bowels

into his sixtieth year. I am Donald Crisp,

the bit-part actor who played in hundreds

of long-forgotten black-and-white movies.


Hair hopeless, skin sagging, boxers baggy,

memory mushy -- at times -- facts fuzzy,

I am my father's son after all these years.


When will God bottle my wondering and my wandering?


I need to know, for I do not want to fade away,

locked inside my head, languishing in a loopy litany:

for women who will never love me,

for men who will never salute me,

for children who will never laugh with me.


Until I hear, I will keep reading and daydreaming.