Spells and the Spirit

By James Como – New York, New York, USA - 19 August 2012


Lately they come more often, spells I call them,
lasting longer, dropping in quietly and in places
that are new. First my vision doubles,
then my right arm tingles and my grasp is weak,
and soon my head sways like a breezeblown balloon.


Retinal migraines, they say, but I feel no pain,
the room doesn't spin me a riot of dizziness. Rather
an abject loneliness exceeds my enfeebled grasp
and utterly betrays my inauthentic self to itself.


But then of a sudden my head is solid and stilled,
my arm strong. I grab hold of things and see straight.
Somehow -- but how? -- the fit is quelled and the world
returns. No. I do know how. But do I
know why? He abideth with me. That's why.


So now the spells come and go,
but mostly I know they go.