The Finding

By Daniel Patrick Sheehan - Emmaus, Penssylvania, USA - 1 June 2013


Your father and I sought you sorrowing.

The first day back, my wondering heart stilled

On the road as the sun was lowering


And listened for you above the bellowing

Of beast and man. We wandered and called,

Your father and I, sought you sorrowing


And surprised: The bright spirit's feathering

Light, the sweet psalm that overwhelmed and filled

Me, your father's dreams, pained and harrowing --


Were these things for nought? Were we following

Mirages when we fled into the wild?

Your father and I sought you sorrowing


Three days in the city, and hallowing

The name of the Lord we found you, child,

At temple as the sun was lowering,


Seated among them, asking, listening.

Your eyes were shining and your face was mild.

My son, I said -- but my heart was softening --

Your father and I sought you sorrowing.