World Wise Beatitudes

By Ellen Mary Raster - Elm Grove, Wisconsin, USA - 24 May 2015



Woe to you poor in spirit, you will be ignored.

Woe to you who mourn, grief will slow you down.

Woe to you who are meek, others will be bored.

Woe to you who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Victory forever will be claimed by the satisfied

In future times. Woe to you who long to be humble,

You shall be dismissed. Woe to you who desire

Purity. It's a rare and mysterious artifact.

Woe to you who try to make peace. Its counterpart

Will always make the news. Woe to you who are

Persecuted because of righteousness. You will be

Unseen. Woe to you if people persecute

And insult you. Another day another dollar.

Woe to you who follow him. You will taste his cup.